ELEPAP formally recognises 10 stores as accessible to people with mobility impairments

Technology is evolving and making everyone’s life better, and Kotsovolos  with the ‘Technology without obstacles’ programme aims to maximise accessibility to technology for people with disabilities. In partnership with ELEPAP it received formal recognition for its first 10  stores as accessible to people with mobility impairments.

This recognition is very important, as it confirms that a store can be suitably navigated by people who use a wheelchair to get around. Entrances, corridors with the right dimensions, spaces with corresponding signs, such as toilets, lifts, and parking spaces, exterior imbalances, all currently meet the requirements for easy access to technology. The formal recognition took place after special works were completed by sector professionals and the inspection of ELEPAP’s foremen, which marked the company’s efforts in creating suitable conditions so that everyone could enjoy the benefits of technology to the fullest.