Kotsovolos “opens the doors” to a better life with technology

The moment we have all been waiting has come; that moment when we will open our front doors and slowly return to our favourite habits with our loved ones. Through its new advertisement campaign, Kotsovolos is opening the doors to the habits that bring us closer to a better life.

Every door we open brings us closer to an experience. The fridge door transports us to the roof, where we can have a beer and watch sports highlights with our friends. The washing machine door takes us on the most carefree journey, carried away by the scent of our freshly washed clothes. The oven door reminds us of our grandmother’s cooking, our laptop window searches for our next holidays. Because at Kotsovolos, every door you open leads to a better life. Let’s open our doors to technology and enjoy every moment like we should.

You can see Kotsovolos’ new campaign by clicking on the following link: https://youtu.be/4bzTqNFocRs