Kotsovolos presents the ‘Technology Without Obstacles’ initiative

All people deserve to enjoy their every moment to the fullest. With its new initiative, ‘Technology without Obstacles’, Kotsovolos aims to make technology accessible to all, making it easier for people with disabilities to have a better life. The programme was presented by Mr John Vasilakos, Vice-Chairman and CEO of Kotsovolos – Dixons South East Europe, on Tuesday 20 October. The guest speakers were Mr Theodosis Michalopoulos, CEO Microsoft Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Mr Aris Paraskevopoulos, Head of Mobile Telephony Samsung Electronics Hellas, Mr Michael Pazinas, Apple Distinguished Educator, Mr Tasos Marianos, General Director ELEPAP, and Mr Dimitris Mavros, President MRB, in an event for the Press.

Accessibility provides many more opportunities in life with fewer obstacles and restrictions. Many devices with countless features can become allies in everyone’s daily life. Technology is evolving to help people and Kotsovolos aims to create the conditions to provide ‘technology without obstacles’. The purpose of this initiative is to create the right conditions for people with disabilities to have equal access to technology. The maximisation of access concerns both the physical and the digital world of Kotsovolos, as well as the promotion of technology products that make the daily life of people with disabilities easier.

Kotsovolos is not alone on this journey. Microsoft and Samsung are there in the technology and product ecosystem sector. With their contribution, plans are in place to describe those features that empower people with disabilities on the products, and to create segmentation for products that support groups of people with disabilities. At the same time, in partnership with ELEPAP, Kotsovolos is moving forward with transformations and interventions at its stores, aiming to provide a very high level of accessibility and an excellent experience. These checks and interventions will be an ongoing process, aiming to improve accessibility at all network stores. Furthermore, MRB survey company is actively contributing with a series of surveys on the needs and wishes of people with disabilities and their carers,

as well as the challenges they face in their daily life, aiming to broaden the technological solutions available to improve their quality of life. More information: https://texnologiaxwrisempodia.kotsovolos.gr/