Kotsovolos says “Let’s All Go Downtown” and brings technology back to the heart of Athens

Investment in two cutting edge stores and environmentally friendly product delivery

Kotsovolos continues to invest in central Athens with two cutting-edge stores at important reference points for the city; at No 34 Langada Street & Korai Street and No 181 Patision Street, as well as in environmentally friendly transportation on electric bicycles, which it is incorporating into its fleet for immediate product deliveries in central Athens.

The recently renovated and enlarged Kotsovolos store on Stadiou Street, and the newer company store on Patision Street, both combine contemporary aesthetics and innovative applications for faster and more agile customer service.

The offline world meets the online world

Our new 1800 sq. m. store on Patision Street, with its unique aesthetics, breathes new life into a traditionally commercial city centre street. It provides a renewed shopping experience with applications for easy purchases, that combine with the online world, for example, through a virtual shelf on which visitors can find all the products the company has available, even if they are not on display at the store. They can also see different colours, sizes, and products and order them.

Visitors to our renovated 2000 sq.m. store on Stadiou Street are guided by advanced customer journeys, so they can understand the value and benefits of purchasing a professional coffee machine, a “sliding” application with a digital monitor in the food processor section allows them to watch a wealth of content / videos on the characteristics and capabilities of a product, while through Conductive Paint technology, a water-based paint, they can try wearable products, maximising their shopping experience, and bringing the offline world and the online world even closer. The store also has available Apple’s complete product ecosystem, where, through the service provided by the only trained ‘Apple Masters Plus’ sales consultants in Greece, it promises customers the absolute Apple shopping experience.

Quick service points:

At the Quick service points of the two stores, online and telephone orders are executed and delivered to customers immediately. The specialised Service Point with the excellently trained staff, undertakes repairs or upgrades for any device within an hour, via the Fix & Go service. Meanwhile, the Pay Express payment-via-app service provides customers paying via credit or debit card with the option of completing their transaction quickly, at any point in the store, without having to go to a cashier, using only the sales consultant’s POS terminal. At the same time, a special space is available for customers to drop off appliances, gadgets, batteries, and ink cartridges for recycling.  

Environmentally friendly delivery:

The company has incorporated Kineo pioneering electric bicycles into its delivery fleet. These bicycles have a zero carbon footprint, contributing to a city with a cleaner environment. Using trained delivery persons and with the environment on its mind, the company carries out same-day product deliveries in central Athens, providing customers with immediate solutions.  

On the occasion of the opening and renovation of the two stores, on Wednesday 21 April 2021, a meeting was held between the Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis, and the President of the Athens Trade Association, Stavros Kafounis, at the Stadiou Street Kotsovolos store, while they were welcomed by Vice-Chairman and CEO John Vasilakos. Following a short tour of the renovated store and a brief presentation of the electric bicycles, the Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis stated: “It is hopeful that entrepreneurship in Athens is being supported through new technologies and smart customer service, in an environmentally friendly way. On an emblematic street of the Athens market, which has suffered a lot, the creation of such a space during such a difficult period is a move that indicates trust. It sends a message of optimism for the future, which must find the economy of Athens strong and competitive”. The President of the Athens Trade Association Stavros Kafounis stated: “The market is the heart of Athens and that is why I am happy that a historic company such as Kotsovolos is supporting it. Our only concern is that the city once again take on its old glow and that shopping becomes a powerful tool that will attract more visitors. That is why we welcome initiatives such as the one taken by Kotsovolos, which shine a light on the market, and which I am certain will attract other similar efforts. We are open and ready for you at the largest mall in Greece, the Athens market, where you can safely enjoy shopping”. The Vice-Chairman and CEO of Kotsovolos John Vasilakos stated: “Our company continues to invest in stores and actions that concern the empowerment of central Athens, and it keeps its promise to bring technology back to the heart of the city. Through innovative technologies, products, and solutions that improve the lives of our customers, and through an environmentally conscious approach in the sector of deliveries, we want to spread the message in practice: ‘We support the city of Athens as it deserves to be supported’”.